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Samantha's notes on web developing

General notes
HTML = hyper text markup language
CSS = Control Style Sheet
Microsoft Expression Web 4.0
Ctrl+Shift+a = will save all pages
Ctrl+Shift+h = will save current page

html notes

css notes
web friendly colors

picking colors that work together i really like this website.  you can pick a color and then it will show you complimentry colors.

How do i add color on the spot without modifing my css file?
A: <p style="color:#cc00ff;">test color </p>

Q: how can i bold a word?
A: Option 1
The red <strong>fox jumped</strong> over the fence.
The red fox jumped over the fence.

Option 2
The red <b class="char">fox jumped</b> over the fence.

The red fox jumped over the fence.



how do i genereate the url code to link to a google review?

DNS migration
1. i point my domain name to my server (if the domain name is own on the same godaddy account as the hosting you can use DNS.  if the domain name is on different Godaddy account then to have that domain name be able to see the my hosting server i will need to on the Domain name server give it the IP address of the hosting server.) Godaddy says that this can take up to 24 hours however it is typically within an hour.
2. i have created a folder on my hosting server with files (test.html).
3. To check and see if the domain name is pointing to the correct IP go to this website and enter your domain name.  the list presented is just a randome sampeling of the thousands of DNS servers world wide.  if you hit refresh you will be shown a new random list of servers.  in an ideal situation all of the DNS servers will show the same IP address for a website.